SilentPartner: Much More Than Just a Data Capture App

KOVA is excited to share a brand new video about our mobile recording platform, SilentPartner, which turns your smartphone into a multi-purpose tool for capturing data while on the go.  There are some apps that help you while away the time with a game, launching birds at unstable structures or decorating virtual cupcakes with virtual sprinkles. There are some that.

How The Right Technology Can Make You A Better Manager

Effectively managing a contact center takes a lot of organizational knowledge, people skills, and foresight. It takes more work than many people may realize to keep things running smoothly, and there are quite a few moving pieces that you have to be keeping an eye on at any given time. Technology in the workplace, and especially in customer service, is quickly evolving .
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Customer Service Trends For 2017

As technology evolves and consumer demographics shift, customer service trends have a tendency to either grow quickly, or fall by the wayside. But that’s not ideal for many businesses who are looking to stay up-to-date with those current customer service trends. At this point, knowing what’s coming is half the battle. So take a look at some of these customer service.
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Technology Outlook for Contact Centers in 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to look toward what’s next in contact center technology for 2017. Workforce optimization, customer service tools, Voice of the Customer - these are all areas in which technology continues to change and improve. We went through some of the leading surveys and studies on these topics to find the top predictionsfor 2017. You can.
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Emotions and Empathy Training for Your Contact Center Agents

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could read minds? We’d always know what people were thinking and how they were feeling. We’d know how to respond to them in order to get the best possible outcome. Unfortunately for those us living in reality and working in contact center customer service, we have to make do with more prosaic methods of learning how to deal with people:.
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Are Social Media and Digital Tools Making Traditional Contact Centers Obsolete?

Long gone are the days when the only way to reach a company’s customer service center was by picking up the phone and waiting - sometimes for as long as an hour, or even longer - for a service representative to help you with your problem. Now that we have so many digital tools for instant communication, today’s customers expect to have their issues handled promptly .
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How to Optimize Your Company’s Customer Experience

Advertising has gone a bit overboard in the high tech marketing environment of 2016 – to say the least. With the hottest SEO (search engine optimization) consultants vying for consumer attention, clients are developing an insatiable appetite for top positioning in the SERPs race (search engine results pages). It’s been all about getting visitors to your website.
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Video Analytics In Public Safety

Over the years, video has come to play an integral role in public safety operations. Public and private video surveillance has helped catch criminals and prosecute those who break the law on camera. And the demand for video is increasing, both from first responders and the people that they protect. Video is increasingly becoming an important tool for evidence collection.
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5 Amazing Apps That are Improving Public Safety

At KOVA, we’re strong believers in the power of technology to make people and cities safer. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless agencies and public safety answering points (PSAPs) to implement tools like KEANS Services, an emergency notification system, and Verint Media Recorder for Public Safety. One type of technology that’s having a major impact on.
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Best Contact Center Customer Service Quotes From Around The Web

Sometimes you don’t need an entire 1,000 word article to get the point across. Every now and then you just need a reminder of what your actual goals are. Think of it as a concentrated dose of motivation, contained in just a few words. That’s what these quotes are—motivation. Motivation for you and your employees to keep up your level of excellent customer.
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Public Safety: Keeping the Peace in Trying Times

Bet you thought that The Fierce Urgency of Now was just the cool title of an acclaimed book by Princeton Professor Julian Zelser that hit the streets in 2015. Nope – not by a longshot. In fact, those words were spoken by none other than civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, in a speech on April 4, 1967 for a gathering of Clergy and Laymen Concerned about Vietnam,.
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