Call Center Software & Public Safety Software

At Kova, reliable, actionable innovation powers every solution we deliver to our broad customer base. For more than a decade we have delivered robust, dependable solutions for Enterprise and Security Intelligence supported by our partnerships with global leaders in public safety, mobile phone recording and call center solutions.

Our powerful technologies enable more than 1000 customers around the globe to make timely, effective decisions for optimizing enterprise performance by leveraging intelligence to gain critical insights and seize untapped opportunities.

Our dedicated teams are experts at working with companies to create new vehicles for success, focusing on designing the right customized solutions to address each customer’s unique needs in enhancing performance and building capabilities across their contact centers and public safety platforms.

We take pride in our commitment to gaining a deep understanding of the needs of our customers, no matter the industry, and being able to deploy solutions that take a holistic approach to managing customer interactions — from marketing and customer care initiatives, to day-to-day interactions in call centers and branch offices, to activities and processes in back-office operations.

We specialize in leveraging information from all data points in the customer service delivery chain, to help our customers identify areas of concern and opportunity, detect trends, understand customer and market sentiment, and adjust staffing, processes, products, and services accordingly. By enabling organizations to capture and share intelligence across its entire enterprise, our clients are better able to balance efficiency and effectiveness in customer service delivery; drive customer loyalty, top-line revenue, and customer service operating margins; enhance compliance; and continually improve performance.

KOVA’s superior skills and extensive background in developing, deploying and supporting unified solutions, gives your company the necessary tools to seamlessly, quickly and cost effectively, deliver the results you need to fully-realize the success you want.

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