This paper discusses workforce management from the perspective of the small and medium contact center. The paper reviews the manual forecasting and scheduling process, identifies execution-oriented problems associated with using spreadsheets for this process, and explains how a robust workforce management (WFM) solution can be particularly helpful to small and medium centers.

Table of Contents

The paper will review:

•    Basic tasks of CCM
•    Forecasting
•    Scheduling
•    Spreadsheets in Forecasting/Scheduling
•    Problems with Manual and Spreadsheet Approaches
•    Special problems in Small and Medium Centers

Who Will Benefit

Call centers that are struggling to find a balance in scheduling enough employees to keep payroll low cut customer satisfaction high are encouraged to read this white paper. It explains how looking at previous trends can help you identify when your greatest need for agents is (forecasting). While forecasting is determined by using mathematics, there is also an art to it.  The paper will then go into scheduling and identify and discuss the impacts had on scheduling and payroll. Once this information is determined, you can then deploy your resources—your agents! Then it is on to tackling the challenges that come with scheduling and making spreadsheets.

Whether looking to gain a better insight into the process or struggling to find balance, this white paper has the solution.

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