Today’s businesses are campaigning for customers — customers who “vote” with their wallets and are flooded with choices from a global array of candidate providers. Winning the customer vote requires knowing what customers and prospective customers want and then delivering it in a way that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Attracting Consumers More Difficult Than Before

Because of the numerous communication channels–social media, print media, radio, television advertisements, and more, attracting and retaining customers is actually more challenging than ever before. That’s why it is crucial to be able to read your customers and understand their needs: What do they want from you and how can you provide this to them? Showing that you heard their demands by responding adequately makes your customers feel appreciated. They’ll show you their appreciation in turn by voting for your company with their wallets.

Detailing Contact Center Analytics

This paper introduces contact center analytics, focusing specifically on three analytics:
• speech analytics
• data analytics
• customer feedback surveys
The paper explains how each these solutions can help organizations more effectively cultivate customer relationships by mining interactions for actionable information on customer opinions, product and service issues, competitive intelligence, and more. The paper elaborates on how these three analytics will benefit your company in collecting insight when determining what your customers want from you.

ROI Benefits to Your Company

This white paper identifies the pros and cons of various techniques used by contact centers to get information from their customers. It explains the collection methods that are the least reliable and why, as well as the ones that will produce the best results and, in turn, provide a higher return on investment.
It also discusses the importance of turning your collected data into actionable data, or data that can be analyzed and utilized to make company improvements. Why collect data if it will not be used for the company’s benefit? Understanding how these three analytics work together will help you better use the data you collect in order to improve your ROI.

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