Verint SMC: Situation Management Just Got Easier

The reality facing today’s public safety and security communities is that the technological infrastructure supporting situation management is often complex and inefficient. Employing a mixture of systems, these elements are often based on proprietary platforms that make it difficult to unify emergency communication. Imagine having one interface that takes relevant data from all of your solutions, allowing you to get all the information you need in one application. That is what Verint SMC can do for you.

An Open, Scalable, Expandable Platform

Verint SMC is a powerful solution that unifies divergent systems, improving security and increasing the efficiency of situation management.

When Integration Is Critical

Verint SMC can integrate a wide variety of solutions and devices, including

  • Mass notification
  • Body Camera Video
  • GPS tracking
  • CAD and communications
  • Mobile phones
  • Face recognition
  • License/number plate recognition
  • Radar
  • Weather
  • Panic alarms
  • Access control
  • Fire
  • Intrusion detection
  • Video analytics
  • Video management

Integration Now And For Years To Come

Verint SMC is the fruit of close collaboration with many technology partners, ensuring the greatest possible field of integration. Partnering with consortiums and standards associations means that you can leverage integration with current technologies and those that will be developed for years to come.

Verint SMC offers you:

Real-Time Situation Awareness

By providing actionable insights, Verint SMC gives you the information you need to make decisions quickly and efficiently in real time. Bringing together automated incidents, maps and sensors, people, assets and video into a single system increases quality and quantity of information, as well as making access to it easier. This data can be accessed in a map display, giving you the ability to monitor where events are happening.

Efficient Response and Notification

Verint SMC gives you the power to tailor emergency notifications. A web-based dispatcher tracks responders, and can provide automated or manual dispatching. A one-click panic notification can be sent from a variety of mobile devices. Immediate incident acceptance is furnished by a mobile responder.

Preventive Intelligence

Capturing data from a variety of sources, including watch lists, open source and government databases, web and social media, and systems like video, access control, license plates, and devices, Verint SMC’s analytics engine makes analysis and correlation of data possible.

Investigation and Debriefing

Employing a powerful digital multimedia recording application, Verint SMC can capture data from video, audio, telematics, screen data, and incident log books. The solution can then create comprehensive reports and dashboards, thereby expediting investigation and debriefing.

Planning and Compliance

Verint SMC can bring together in one geospatial view multiple operators’ attachments and case notes, as well as data from a wide array of sensors and devices. Information relating to audit trail and reports can be analyzed for incidents and trends.

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