Nextiva (PSIM) Physical Security Information Management

nextivaNextiva PSIM generates Actionable Intelligence to enhance security effectiveness, facilitate system management and mitigate costs. Nextiva PSIM’s scalable architecture allows multiple users to view information like events, alerts and video from multiple sites simultaneously. In addition, PSIM allows operators in different locations to collaborate and share information. An open SDK allows information to be integrated and captured from many sensors and systems including access control, intrusion, CCTV, radar, border control, and HVAC systems as well as leveraging of GIS, various modes of communication systems, and public and private databases.

Additionally, the Nextiva PSIM platform can help organizations:

  • Address Emerging Security Needs: Nextiva PSIM addresses the emerging security needs and concerns of security leaders heading large operations with either centralized or decentralized command, control, and communications centers.
  • Enhance Security Operations: Nextiva PSIM provides  security leaders a solution to increase situational awareness in their command, control and communications. They can achieve this while reducing response times as well as lowering the total cost of ownership of their security infrastructure.
  • Enable Regulations and Compliance: Nextiva PSIM provides the ability for security leaders to maintain organizational control and management through centralized and decentralized monitoring, design and enforce standard policies and procedures for response to routine or emergency situations.
  • Optimize Investments: Security and IT leaders can utilize this cost-effective integration platform within existing systems distributed in locations. Built using open platform architecture, PSIM allows organizations to integrate systems and get the most from security investments.

Nextiva Automated License Plate Recognition Solutions

This Nextiva Video Management system capability enables users to easily access captured license plate numbers from a centralized database and pull up the associated recorded video. Nextiva’s user-friendly interface allows users to quickly run investigations, program alerts and “black listed” license plates from an external registration database while providing real-time alarms. Related metadata also can be associated to the license plate numbers and images, including owner, make and model of vehicle.

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