KEANS Services – Emergency Alert Notification System

contentKEANS (KOVA Emergency Alert Notification System) provides resilient and secure communications to multiple locations, agencies, business partners and diverse public address systems (loudspeakers, bull horns, audio distribution repeaters) simultaneously, which can save precious time, resources and/or lives.

In this robust system, dedicated circuits, fixed endpoints, and even public address systems are constantly and proactively monitored. The easy-to-read dashboard displays all of the available endpoints with green indicators. This allows operators to see, at a glance, the condition of the fixed components and feel confident that the system is operating properly.

Reliable. Automated. Adaptable. Secure.

No two KEANS’ set-ups are alike, and you can integrate the features that fit your communications protocol best.

Some key features available with KEANS:

  • Relies on dedicated and redundant circuitry such as T-1s, LAN/VLANS and ring-down lines to
    eliminate the possibility of failure due to overwhelmed PSTNs (Public Switched Telephone
    Networks), wireless carriers and “best attempt” services.
  • Hedges against obsolescence by using COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) components and is
    TCP/IP based.
  • Is programmable so the conversation can be automatically repeated through the system “X”
    number of times and will auto-interrupt if a new communication is started.
  • Integrates with email (including the audio for playback), SMS and other mass notification devices, if needed.
  • Alerts selected personnel if abnormal conditions are detected (component failure, loss of
    connectivity, loss of end point, etc.)
  • Records and stores all communications that can easily be played back by those with appropriate access to the system.
  • Allows for a systematic approach for testing the system on an automated basis with the Roll Call feature.
  • Using secure wireless access points, enables mobile tablet devices to generate and receive
    notifications as well as be utilized for 2-way communications.

KEANS Expedites Response Time

KEANS is installed in several of the nation’s largest airports. It alerts Police, Fire, Homeland Security, Coast Guard, Maintenance and numerous others (both on and off premise) of developing conditions as announced by the control towers. It plays and repeats the communications over the system, including public address and loudspeakers, which allows responding personnel to react before formal requests have been made; expediting the response time to an ongoing emergency.

Cost-Effective, Customized Solutions NOT One-Size-Fits-All

At Kova Corporation, we customize our Command and Control Center solutions for each and every client, because we understand your system is unique to your organization. Whether you’re looking to build a new system from the ground up, or need to upgrade a preexisting system, we have the solution for you. If your situation requires a blend of old and new technology, we can design a system that integrates with your current infrastructure and allows for updates and changes as technology continues to advance and your budget allows.

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