Audiolog for Public Safety

audio-logAudiolog is an advanced multi-media recording system designed for use as a stand-alone recorder/playback unit, or as a specialized server within a networked environment. Audiolog is capable of simultaneously supporting full-time, record-on-demand, event driven, and/or scheduled recording.

The Audiolog is a scalable open architecture system comprised of industry standard off-the-shelf PC components. Audiolog utilizes standard Intel processing engines and Microsoft operating systems, to provide the customer with a significant advantage over typically proprietary solutions frequently found in the recording marketplace. Unlike many competitor’s models being offered, there are no plans to discontinue the “Audiolog” recorder, in an attempt to force trade-in or new sales later. Audiolog products are designed to hedge against obsolescence through allowing newer technology to be added to existing systems.

The Audiolog Difference significantly lowers your total cost of ownership and support. The architecture incorporates voice and screen recording, flexible storage (DVD, NAS, CAS, and SAN), playback and monitoring, system administration, and evaluation and reporting into one seamless package. Audiolog provides maximum recording connectivity with Digital PBX/ACD stations; digital/analog trunks; service observe; single step conferencing; radio systems, and VoIP and H.323 systems. The Audiolog records multiple interface types within a single chassis. In addition, the network design allows for multiple recorders to be seen as one, allowing for unlimited scalability.

When consumers evaluate Audiolog as a potential recording solution, they realize it out performs the other recording solutions in the marketplace. The Audiolog, coupled with KOVA’s award winning engineering, installation and servicing ensures absolute customer satisfaction.

Insight Center Remote Edition

Our new and innovative Insight Center Remote Edition allows public safety management to easily recreate an incident through recordings no matter where they are, by making the following functionalities of Audiolog for Public Safety possible in the mobile environment:

  • Search recordings
  • Play back multiple sequenced and/or simultaneous recordings
  • Save selected recordings to an incident folder
  • Transmit that folder via email to others
  • Display and play back recorded incidents within a timeline and data grid
  • Play up to three videos simultaneously
  • Play back incidents of up to 120 hours in duration

Now, essential data can be reviewed in the field, as needed, instead of only at a desktop, leading to new opportunities for insight and immediate action. Contact KOVA today to find out how you can put our new Insight Center Remote Edition to work for you!

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