SilentPartner FAQs

1. How exactly does SilentPartner replace a camera on-scene? Does the user take a picture with their regular smartphone camera, and then save it using SilentPartner? Or is the picture taken within the app itself?

SilentPartner does not replace the camera on a smartphone. The user uses their existing smartphone camera, whether launched from the smartphone or from within SilentPartner, and then the pictures or videos are synched via SilentPartner to HQ.

2. Are there any additional purchases necessary along with SilentPartner to have the ‘complete picture?’


3. Who can benefit from using SilentPartner? What are some examples of professional uses?

For professionals who spend any time at all out in the field, SilentPartner is simply a must-have. Policemen, detectives, insurance claims adjusters, health inspectors, transportation inspectors, construction inspectors, social workers, and anyone else who needs to gather data while on-site and away from an office, can all benefit from using the SilentPartner app on their smart phones.

4. Does SilentPartner automatically record phone calls made from a smartphone, or does the user need to activate it first? Can it be activated during a phone call, or does it need to be activated before the call starts?

For Android, SilentPartner can be configured to record using any of the methods described above – to record all calls automatically without user intervention, or to record only the things that the user wants, with user intervention.

5. Does SilentPartner meet all security requirements for public safety use? What about compliance with regulations specific to other industries, such as insurance or social work? How does SilentPartner ensure the security of data on a smartphone?

All recordings and pictures are given a digital fingerprint at the time of creation and securely transported via FTPS, with 1024-bit encryption, to insure the authenticity and secure transmission of the data.

6. Does each smartphone using SilentPartner need to be linked individually to the main office database, or can it be done to all phones at once via the app?

Each phone interacts individually with the office.

7. Can we start by installing SilentPartner on just one smartphone to try it out, and then add more later?


8. What security procedures are in place if a phone with SilentPartner is lost?

The licensing feature is checked automatically and can be disabled immediately.

9. How can I download the app?

SilentPartner is not available as a consumer download at this time. Interested corporate entities need to contact KOVA to understand the underlying mobile strategy in deploying SilentPartner to their mobile users.

10. Is SilentPartner available for all mobile based operating systems, i.e. iOS and Android?


11. How does SilentPartner synch with the home database? Are there only certain systems or databases that it is compatible with?

All major database systems are supported.