Workforce Optimization and Management Software

knologyDesigned to work across the organization, KOVA’s Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management solution is web-enabled software that provides accurate forecasting to help contact center supervisors produce optimal schedules for staff. By balancing work patterns, breaks, defined shift rules, individual skills, proficiencies and preferences, and targeted service-level goals, Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management allows contact centers to:

  • Create centralized forecasts and schedules with a single point of control over the entire network; or create localized schedules instead, allowing decisions to be made at individual sites.
  • Schedule meetings without impacting service level.
  • Comply with government, union, and “time-banking” regulations.
  • Schedule based on skills, work queues, and other parameters.
  • Zoom in to create schedules on a daily and even intra-day basis, or zoom out to handle long-term workload scheduling.

By helping to balance workload with staffing, Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management can help your contact center and back office operations lower costs by reducing overstaffing, overtime, and shrinkage (time for which contact center agents are paid, but not producing work).

KOVA’s workforce management solution also frees up time in a contact center supervisor’s busy day for employee coaching, because it automates several of the time-consuming tasks that would otherwise occupy them, such as performance management and training.

Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management offers the benefit of being part of our Verint Media Recorder Workforce Optimization suite, as well. This unified suite brings together software and services for quality monitoring and recording, voice of the customer analytics, desktop and process analytics, workforce management, performance management, eLearning, coaching and more, into an integrated solution for analyzing customer interactions, improving workforce performance, and optimizing service processes.

When Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management is deployed as part of the entire suite of Workforce Optimization software, its effects on the smooth functioning of a contact center are magnified. Everything about the way customer service is delivered improves, from serving customers better and more securely to doing it more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Insight is gained into every single area of your business, from the ones that impact customers directly, to the ones that only affect them indirectly – but that are no less important to your overall customer service. The visibility that Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management gives contact center supervisors into the workings of their organization allows them to not only schedule more effectively, but also to tweak operations in order to make them meet customers’ needs and expectations more closely.

By understanding how well your enterprise delivers what customers want, you will be able to make pinpointed improvements where necessary, and encourage continued high performance where service levels are already high. Your decisions can be made in a more strategic way, based on the detailed, actionable data you will have access to, resulting in not only better customer service, but increased customer loyalty and a competitive advantage over others in your industry.

For more information on Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management, and how you can begin to build a culture of excellence in your contact center, call us at 1-800-204-5200, or fill out the form below:

For more information on Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management, call us at 1-800-204-5200, or fill out the form below: