Enterprise Feedback Management Software

Enterprise-Feedback-ManagementEnterprise Feedback Management (EFM) helps your organization get a complete view into what people think of your company and its products or services. It enables you to react quickly to address problems, streamline processes, and provide solid customer service.

With EFM, you can:

  • Share data and showcase actionable results using customizable, interactive dashboards, branded reports, and embeddable widgets.
  • Centralize survey responses—as well as data from other systems—in customer panels, enabling you to create highly personalized surveys, interact more intelligently, and create robust, detailed reports.
  • Unify approaches, disparate systems, and disjointed processes to facilitate better, more informed business decisions.
  • Scale the product to thousands of users with a rich feature set of permissions and workflows that ensure brand standards and protect customer data.
  • Analyze text responses and discover customer sentiment.

Enterprise Feedback Management provides the metrics to develop critical KPIs and the technology to benchmark progress. Combined with our Voice of the Customer solutions, including Speech Analytics, Text Analytics, and Customer Feedback, EFM will help you gain a holistic view of the customer experience by incorporating every interaction—chat, calls, email, Web, mobile, social media, and many others.  Your organization will be able to:

  • Benchmark levels of satisfaction in the customer journey.
  • Collect customer feedback across Web, email, in person, call, mobile, social media sites.
  • Validate and monitor process changes to ensure they are positively impacting customer satisfaction.
  • Understand what actions are behind changes in satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Gain immediate customer feedback anytime and anywhere with EFM Mobile—online or offline, or through web, email or SMS.

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