Workforce Optimization & Public Safety Solutions


Products And Services

Whether your organization is searching for enterprise workforce optimization solutions, public safety solutions, or a mobile recording platform, KOVA has the products and the know-how to customize a solution to fit your unique needs.

  • Cell Phone & Mobile Recording Software – Silent Partner

    Our SilentPartner software allows on-scene responders and professionals working in the field to capture audio, video, images, texts, and phone calls on-site using their mobile phone, and instantly and securely transmit it to their home database. Once stored, this data can then be organized and mined for analysis, providing users with valuable information that would have otherwise been lost at the scene. read more

  • Public Safety Software Solutions

    Our specialized products integrate varied systems in order to produce a comprehensive picture of security at any given time. KOVA’s solutions offer the public safety community tools to put resources to work in the most efficient and effective way possible. From number plate recognition software to emergency alert notification systems, KOVA provides the very best in public safety solutions. read more

  • Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solutions

    Impact360 is a powerful tool to improve analyses of work processes and customer data in order to increase productivity along with customer retention. From giving contact center management wide-ranging insight into the needs of their customers to customizing training for each individual agent, our software handles every aspect of enterprise workforce optimization. read more