By combining phonetics and transcription with Complete Semantic Index, Verint’s Speech Analytics analyzes 100% of your calls to provide you with superior customer insight. Speech Analytics helps you identify issues before they become real problems and highlight each and every opportunity fast and accurately.



Extracting insights from actual customer conversations can provide your business with tons of value. If you pick the right technology, and when it comes to speech analytics, technology matters. There’s phonetics, there’s transcription, and then there’s Verint. Our patent-protected technology takes our speech analytics even further, so you can take your projects to new heights. What’s our secret? We combine phonetics and transcription with what we call the complete semantic index, the next evolution in speech analytics. Sure, we give you the ability to search for keywords on the fly, or set up categories that auto-sort incoming calls just like the other guys, but that’s where the similarities end.

Verint’s Speech Analytics is like having an army of analysts listening in on every call with your customers. So how does it all work? We can analyze 100% of your calls and track every single word and phrase mentioned in all of them, not just a select few, helping you uncover things you’re interested in and those you didn’t even know to ask about. Our technology identifies the mountain you thought was just a mole hill, and points out that elephant in the room you have yet to notice. With Speech Analytics, customer insights don’t stay hidden, they’re front and center. No guessing, no headaches, no waiting.

With the other guys, good luck if you didn’t tell their system to look for the right things. You’re about to spend days, weeks even, iterating on your keyboard searches, digging to a millions of calls and then waiting all over again. With other systems, it can be like searching in a cave with a tiny flashlight. But with Verint’s Speech Analytics, it’s like a floodlight illuminating the dark corners, nukes and crannies of the cave helping ensure you catch every last detail, surfacing the insights you didn’t know to ask about. But all this power doesn’t mean much if it’s too slow to use. Unlike other options, our technology is business-user friendly. Queries are easy to build, and results are returned in just seconds, not minutes, hours, or even the next day like the other guys, even if there are millions of calls to dig through.

You’re even offered suggestions when searching or building categories, just like you would on a search engine. Once you build a category, it’s immediately populated with calls, no reprocessing required. You can even automatically set the potential root causes of everything from long handle times to declining satisfactions course, even key processes you could help to improve, all before listening to a single call. Our solution you can do in minutes, what the other guys would have you waiting days or weeks for. Thanks to Verint innovators across the globe who eat, drink and breathe analytics, our Speech Analytics arms you with the ability to identify issues that have the possibility of becoming real problems, and those that could be genuine opportunities, all based on what customers and agents are actually saying, not what you think they’re saying. These constantly changing conversations are a gold mine that valuable insights just waiting for you to extract them. With our solution, you can.

We don’t just stop at the magic of finding the unknown, our solution is also faster and more accurate, even when searching on tens of millions of calls, and is calibrated to return only the most relevant results. That way, if you search for the word “cancel”, you’re much less likely to get calls mentioning the phrase “can’t sell”. Even though they sound similar, we can tell the difference. We cast a wide net without hauling in useless information. If you want fast, easy, informing speech analytics, it’s important to you to truly understand what’s important to your customers. Give us a call. Let Verint solutions help with the voice of your customers to work for you.