Dealing with the fallout from implementing a workforce optimization system that makes things more complex, instead of simpler? Verint’s Impact360 WFO software provides a truly unified solution that will streamline your processes enterprise-wide – and improve contact center performance as a result.



So, you manage a contact center and you’ve put a workforce optimization solution in place hoping to enhance sufficiency, streamline operations and improve the bottom line and customer experience. Simple, right? That’s easier said than done.

It turns out what you were told would be an all-in-one solution was really just a mishmash of products sold together but never designed to work together. There are multiple UIs which means higher cost for training each department separately and without a truly unified system, you’ve ended up with fragmented data and zero room for collaboration. Some parts of the system aren’t even aware that others exist.

What should’ve been a simple, straightforward solution ended being a complex contraption causing more problems than it fixed. Something’s got to change. You feel it and your customers feel it too. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a WFO solution that was actually a solution?

Well, there is. Introducing Impact 360 by Verint. A truly unified, truly amazing WFO solution designed to bring everything you need into one centrally managed system.

For instance, imagine if KPI score cards automatically trigger coaching and e-learning based on agent performance and your workforce management schedule was automatically notified of coaching and e-learning assignments which could then be schedule at an optimal time. Or if a supervisor could find out when agents had adherence violations, then immediately found out why by reviewing a recording of the interaction right from the same screen.

It only gets better. With everything on a common framework, you won’t have a different user interface for each department or function and if you have a problem, you won’t need to trace it back to a specific vendor because you’re only dealing with Verint. Your data will finally all be together too providing new, ready to use information. Thanks to several rich out of the box work flows, collaboration between departments can finally be unleashed.

With all of this going for you, it should come as no surprise that your customer loyalty will go up in space. Having the best possible customer experience is what Verint is all about. With Impact 360, you’ll be able to deliver every time. Its framework allows you to easily manage all of your work, people and processes across the board, from your contact center to the back office and even your branch locations. It’s simple. When it comes to work force optimization, no one does it better than Verint.

So if you’re ready to see how far a unified enterprise-wide WFO solution can take you, look no further than Impact 360. Anything less is just a contraption.