After an emergency, it can be overwhelming to have to cobble all the video and audio data for an investigation. Verint’s Audiolog and Nextiva Video Management Software will organize all this data for you, so that you can easily examine it all on a single screen, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your investigations.



After an emergency, trying to decipher exactly what happened could be like trying to put together a puzzle. You’ve got to take multiple pieces of data from many different sources and try to figure out how they all fit together. Those puzzle pieces might include things like video from security cameras, audio from communications and discreet recordings, text messages, other systems in order to provide intelligent reporting. The list goes on and on.

Trying to manage and put together these puzzle pieces that are made up of varied data types can be overwhelming. If you’re dealing with a large amount of information, trying to track down and manage all the different data sources or their owners can be time consuming, frustrating and risky if not performed quickly and correctly.

Beyond solving the puzzle, it goes even deeper with the need to locate the information, tie it to each specific puzzle. How can you find precise video clips from multiple cameras, potentially at various times? And when you do is it consistent with the associated emergency call or police radio discussion? Taken further, how can you organize related photographs and videos taken by witnesses on their mobile devices?

All these questions point to one great answer and that’s where Verint comes in. We offer a fully integrated forensic solution that provides public safety and critical infrastructure entities with a 360ᴼ view of captured data for expediting investigations, emergency services response and debriefings and training.

Verints integrated interface and advanced analytics platform enables audio and video to be combined and examined, helping eliminate fragments of data and information that can leave you with more questions than answers. Using the powerful combination of Verint Nextiva and Insight Center, you can benefit from a state of the art browser based incident recreation solution, designed to help meet your organizations mission critical demands in recreating incidents.

Now you can search multiple channels and display data captured from a variety of media on a single screen; including audio, video, text, screen data, telematics, photos, telephone numbers and location data. With everything on a single screen and presented in a user-friendly timeline, the puzzle factor fades away. Quite simply, there’s no better tool for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations.
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