What if it was possible to build your company’s brand recognition each time a customer called in to your contact center? Well, good news – it is possible! Verint’s Customer-Centric Workforce Optimization tools will allow you to drive down costs and improve the responsive efficiency of your customer service all while providing your customers with a memorable experience.


Imagine this. A customer calls into your brand’s contact center. The automated greeting is friendly, engaging, and inviting. In a few short seconds, a friendly service representative says hi, has all the tools to know what the customer’s thinking before they even say it, and delivers real solutions that might actually make that customer smile. Think about it. Think of the loyalty that would build for your brand. And the funny thing is it isn’t just a dream. It really does happen—with Verint. We should know. We help turn that dream into reality for most Fortune 500 companies, leveraging to customer insights to drive strategy.

What’s our secret? The insight that only a smart and efficient enterprise has the motivation to be able to shape and execute engaging customer interactions. To drive down costs and improve the responsive efficiency of your customer service, you have to see the big picture. Verint’s customer-centric workforce optimization tools do just that. Easy to use, navigate, and control, they’re built around creating a context-driven and collaborative team environment that delivers the kind of experience customers remember. And of course, that kind of happiness is contagious. There’s simply no better way to improve your workforce’s performance, teamwork, and satisfaction.

We deliver the tools to help your team listen and learn from its customer interactions, so you can better shape the customer journey and build real loyalty and engagement. It all adds up to a solution that can take your brand higher and further than ever before. We can’t promise your customers will get in touch just to say hello, but they probably will. Impact 360 by Verint. Customer-inspired excellence.