Do you sometimes feel clueless or overwhelmed when trying to respond to all of your customer feedback? With Voice of the Customer Analytics by Verint, customer calls get analyzed automatically to help you understand and meet your customers’ needs, identify areas you can improve, and provide solutions that leave customers highly satisfied.


Your customers have a voice—a big voice—and they’re using it all the time: Phone calls, emails, survey responses, chat sessions, and social media posts galore. You’re listening, of course, but are you really doing anything with that feedback? Without the insight to answer the questions you don’t even know you should be asking, all this feedback is largely going to waste. Enter Voice of the Customer Analytics by Verint. We have that insight and with our proven powerful analytic solutions, Verint will help you deliver an experience your customers will never forget, and by that, we mean in a good way.

Just look at George. He’s happy because his customers are happy. His customer satisfaction rates went up 17% and his ability to resolve customer issues the first time they contacted his team rose by 11%. It’s no secret how George got here. Voice of the Customer Analytics paved the way. With Verint’s speech analytics, customer calls get analyzed automatically, helping George better understand their needs and how his team can meet them. Satisfaction surveys allow him to identify where they can improve by assessing his team’s performance and, with text analytics, George can inspect agent notes and chat sessions, uncovering emerging trends in his digital support channels.

Then, George did something incredible. He collaborated with the head of customer experience, Nancy, in order to measure customer satisfaction across the business. They looked at products and services, support and training, and which service channels had the most satisfied customers. Thanks to Verint, they were able to identify and capitalize on key customer insights and emerging trends, translating into an even better all-around customer experience.

See, we like to think of ourselves as cartographers, using our tools and know-how to build a map that is specifically contoured to your customers’ voice and, as navigators, helping you figure out where to go, how best to get there, and what valuable gems and nuggets are hidden along the way. And the end destination: Highly satisfied customers.

If you’re like George, want great technology that can help deliver amazing service experiences, you want Verint. Let us help you reach the destination you want by putting the voice of your customers to work for you.