If you’re having trouble providing quality customer service, connecting with your call center, or maybe you already have great customer service but aren’t seeing the results you’d expect, Verint can provide you with solutions that will lead you to superior service. Verint has the tools that will allow you to focus on a customer-centric approach for serving your customers and exceeding your expectations.


Are you like these guys? They run large successful companies and are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer experience, but things are starting to slide. Dave, a big business customer service VP, would like to rebuild his entire contact center. For some reason, his customers are having bad experiences and horrible reviews are being posted all around the internet. Tom is also having problems. His customer service is good, but his costs are outrageous. He understands that customer service is important, but it’s eating up his profit. As for Haley, let’s just say she’s frustrated. She needs the ability to train, forecast and schedule shared resources between the contact center and back office order processing and fulfillment teams in order to deliver a high quality, consistent customer experience, and it’s just not happening.

Everyone is on a different page, so let’s see. Dave needs better customer service. Tom is going broke because of his and Haley needs more effective communication and much better collaboration. Three different problems. One simple solution: Verint. For Dave, Verint helped save his dwindling customer service operations department. Now, the voice of the customer is the most important thing. His customers’ wants and needs are driving changes to how Dave conducts business, and that’s a good thing. Dave’s employees see the problems they had before and are constantly focusing on making the customer’s experience enjoyable. The internet is booming with positive reviews of Dave’s company. Needless to say, Dave is happy. His business is thriving and his customer service team is customer oriented at last.

Tom is actually making money. Verint armed him with the tools to help make his workforce optimization more unified, his workflow more predictable and fluid, and his processes more effective all the way around. His customer service ratings went up and his costs went down. With his employees working more efficiently, Tom is able to manage more customers, meaning more moolah, baby. And then there’s Haley. With Verint, Haley’s business approach to customer service has taken a 180-degree turn. Effective scheduling and training help ensure she has the right people with the right skills at the right place at the right time, across the enterprise, breaking down the silos with hundreds of other employees from the back office and branch office to the contact center, to the customer loyalty and marketing teams. With Verint, Haley’s people, processes, and technological problems are yesterday’s news.

With Verint, you can experience better customer service ratings, save money, and maybe even make more and, let’s not forget, you’ll have the tools you need to take a truly customer-centric approach to serving your customers and your business. Couple that with more effective communication powered by data sharing throughout your business and a shared vision for customer-inspired excellence. It’s a win-win, so what are you waiting for? Get Verint today and you’ll see how 85% of the Fortune 100 are improving their customer experiences, employee engagement, business processes, and bottom lines at the same time.