Struggling to make sense of customer feedback coming in to your contact center from multiple channels? Verint Enterprise Feedback Management puts you in control of the survey data you receive, helping you analyze it, in order to make it actionable.Think of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) as your personal, multi-talented assistant when it comes to getting customer feedback. It helps organize, analyze, and centralize all incoming information—allowing you to react quickly to negative feedback and avoid information overload.Verint is the perfect multi-talented assistant, handling every aspect of customer feedback (and more), including:
  • multi-channel surveying capture, so you can receive feedback from all sources
  • advanced case management, helping to quickly resolve customer issues based on responses
  • receive feedback from customers and employees, thereby gaining crucial internal and external feedback
  • easy email and survey customization that encourages user response
  • identify trends and operational improves based on collected data

Ready to see more of what Verint EFM can do for you? Watch the video below!


So, your customers are dying to tell you how they feel about your products and services. In fact, it’s something they love to do. That’s great, right? Except without a way to properly manage that feedback, it can feel a bit not so great. With that feedback spread across phone calls, emails, and various social media sources, it can be hard to find the message buried under all the noise. It’s a mighty big problem and it’s on your shoulder.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to not only hear, but understand your customers; to actively boost sales and increase customer happiness no matter where, how or even in what language they voice their feedback?

Hey, no sweat. Let Verint lighten your load with Enterprise Feedback Management. EFM puts you in control of creating, managing and analyzing any survey in multiple languages across multiple channels. Let’s say you’re a VP of customer experience like Nancy here. Whether surveying customer satisfaction or employee engagement, Verint EFM has helped make her a bonafide hero. She can reach the right customer at the right time and she knows they’re a loyalty inside and out.

Nancy has an arsenal of cross channel feedback firepower at her disposal. She loves data and can’t get enough of the surveys coming in over the web, phone or even from mobile surveys at their annual customer conference. All thanks to Verint EFM. She loves that EFM is not only part of one of the most advanced analytic suites on the planet but also one of the most easy to use solutions in the galaxy.

Let Verint EFM help eliminate the noise so you can finally get a complete understanding of your customers and employees, problems or praises right in one place. By doing so, you’ll also be helping improve processes all over the workplace and giving your customers a hefty boost of happy in no time. The end result is more loyal customers, more productive employees and more sales.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Verint today to find out what Enterprise Feedback Management can do for you.