Voice of the Customer & Speech Analytics

  • SilentPartner App offers Powerful and Dynamic Features

    Need a simple and secure way to capture data out in the field? SilentPartner turns your smartphone into an all-in-one tool for recording, organizing and transmitting data from the scene of a crime or the site of a job to your office database. To Watch Now

  • Verint Enterprise Feedback Management

    Struggling to make sense of customer feedback coming in to your contact center from multiple channels? Verint Enterprise Feedback Management puts you in control of the survey data you receive, helping you analyze it, in order to make it Watch Now

  • Verint Impact360 Workforce Optimization Management Software

    Dealing with the fallout from implementing a workforce optimization system that makes things more complex, instead of simpler? Verint’s Impact360 WFO software provides a truly unified solution that will streamline your processes enterprise-wide Watch Now

  • Verint Insight Center – Video

    This video is a dramatization of an incident using Verint’s Insight Center™ technology – our next-generation 9-1-1 multimedia recording and incident management platform – that combines audio voice recordings, video and SMS text Watch Now

  • Nextiva Video Management Software & Verint Audiolog

    After an emergency, it can be overwhelming to have to cobble all the video and audio data for an investigation. Verint’s Audiolog and Nextiva Video Management Software will organize all this data for you, so that you can easily examine it Watch Now

  • Verint Voice Analytics

    By combining phonetics and transcription with Complete Semantic Index, Verint’s Speech Analytics analyzes 100% of your calls to provide you with superior customer insight. Speech Analytics helps you identify issues before they become real Watch Now

  • Call Center Solutions for Superior Service

    If you’re having trouble providing quality customer service, connecting with your call center, or maybe you already have great customer service but aren’t seeing the results you’d expect, Verint can provide you with solutions that will Watch Now

  • The Power of the Voice of the Customer

    What if it was possible to build your company’s brand recognition each time a customer called in to your contact center? Well, good news – it is possible! Verint’s Customer-Centric Workforce Optimization tools will allow you to drive Watch Now

  • Putting the Voice of the Customer to Work for You

    Do you sometimes feel clueless or overwhelmed when trying to respond to all of your customer feedback? With Voice of the Customer Analytics by Verint, customer calls get analyzed automatically to help you understand and meet your Watch Now