Info Center

KOVA Corporation provides a wide range of enterprise workforce optimization solutions for contact centers, as well as software solutions for public safety organizations.

As a part of our dedication to outstanding customer service, we have assembled a collection of webcast recordings, videos, and white papers that not only explain what our products do and how they can help your organization, but also share performance management tips and give insight into some of the most pressing issues affecting these industries today.

Along with our blog, we hope that these offerings will become a resource you turn to again and again for information, ideas, and inspiration.

  • Webcast Recordings

    Wondering what new security measures can be implemented to better protect both travelers and employees at your airport? Interested in utilizing new technology to improve monitoring of inmates in your corrections facility? Then take a few minutes to watch our free, on-demand webinars detailing Verint’s exciting technologies in these fields. Continue reading  read more

  • Videos

    Focused on keeping your contact center performing at the highest level? Check out our selection of videos to help you do just that. From cartoons with customer service tips to presentations on new technology, and everything in between, we’ve found quick and interesting ways to convey the information you need for success. Continue reading  read more

  • White Papers

    For an in-depth look at the many issues affecting contact center management today, download any - or all - of our white papers, written by experts in the industry. Whether you’re interested in the details of workforce optimization, the basics of contact center analytics, or the latest in emergency communications training, you’ll find invaluable information here to suit your needs. Continue reading  read more