Improving Your 911 Quality Assurance Program

When it comes to emergency situations, there’s no substitute for a highly efficient 911 program. Best practices in 911 quality assurance include reviewing prior performance, keeping operators informed of how they are being monitored, including transparent assessment criteria, and ensuring the latest in data analytics technology is used for the most accurate.
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5 Best Practices in Emergency Communications

When you are in the heat of the moment dealing with an emergency, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Having a good emergency communication plan will help personnel do their jobs to the best of their abilities during an emergency situation. Emergency communications training is key to ensuring that things go as smoothly as possible when you are dealing with an.
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Best Practices in 911 Quality Assurance

In 2015, after nearly 50 years in existence, the 911 Association (otherwise known as NENA: the National Emergency Number Association) introduced the new standard for Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement. The quest for a unified standard was long in coming and today constitutes the backbone of best practices for 911 operation centers and the staff comprise.
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The Connected Officer: Data-Driven Policing

It comes down to the “capacity question.” U.S. police forces are routinely confronted with crime that they lack the capacity—that is, the on-the-ground manpower—to successfully contend with. An officer, after all, can only be in one place at once, and traditionally, has been forced to rely primarily on his or her personal training, field experience, and limited .
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How Are Body Cameras Changing Policing?

There are parts of the country right now where the community’s confidence in their police departments is shrinking. With various incidents being documented on civilian cellphones over the past few years, the issues of force, and when that force is justifiable, are more in the public spotlight than ever before. These incidents have led to an erosion of trust between the.
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How Data Analysis is Helping Prevent Crime

Crime prevention, while a the primary concern for law enforcement agencies, is a difficult thing to achieve. There’s no magic formula when it comes to preventing crime before it happens, but many agencies are trying to hone in on better ways to do so using data analysis. Through analysis, agencies are able to find correlations between one seemingly unrelated factor.
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The Next Frontier in Law Enforcement: Artificial Intelligence and Policing

Just as artificial intelligence is entering so many other industries, AI is also becoming a vital part of the public safety world - and the innovations are coming fast and furious. The advantages of using AI, whether as part of an actual robot or as software in law enforcement situations seem obvious: They can help keep humans out of dangerous situations while doing.
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Police Officers Answer the Call of Duty

It’s easy to take first responders for granted, but they sacrifice a lot every day for public safety. You can show your appreciation for police officers by saying thank you, paying for a meal, making a donation or writing a letter to the editor. Here at KOVA Corp, we work hard to improve public safety software solutions officers might use on the job. We’d like to show .
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3 KPIs That Will Help You Measure Customer Satisfaction

Improving your software systems to better your contact center’s customer service is vital - but you can’t stop there. Simply putting new programs and processes in place, whatever they are, isn’t going to be effective unless you can obtain and analyze the data that comes out of those efforts. That’s where data analytics comes into play. So how do you find out .
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New Drone Regulations Determine How Drones Can be Used by Public Safety Agencies

In October 2017, the Public Safety Aviation Accreditation Commission (PSAAC) and the Airborne Law Enforcement Association announced new guidelines and regulations for public safety agencies using drones as part of their efforts in law enforcement and search-and-rescue operations. These new guidelines were designed not just to get the best possible use out of this.
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