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Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solutions

KOVA Corp provides enterprise workforce optimization solutions powered by Verint Systems. Our solutions allow our clients to better analyze work processes and customer information to increase productivity and customer retention.

Our speech analytics software allows contact centers to gather intelligence from recorded calls to improve customer service and reduce costs, while our text analytics software does the same for customer service provided via chat, email, or social media. We also offer enterprise feedback management solutions that collect data using customer surveys and then turn it into actionable information.

KOVA also provides recording and quality management software to help contact centers monitor call quality, and eLearning and eCoaching software to help agents out with areas needing improvement. Our workforce management solution is invaluable in managing staffing needs, and our performance management and desktop analytics solutions give contact center managers insight into how their teams work.

Public Safety Solutions

KOVA also provides public safety solutions that allow the gathering of data and information into a collective pool to better facilitate informed action. Our comprehensive Impact360 for Public Safety solution provides PSAPs with an integrated software package that includes performance management, quality assurance, speech analytics, incident investigation and analytics, workload forecasting and staff scheduling, staff coaching and training, and citizen surveys.

We offer Audiolog for Public Safety, a multi-media recording system, as well as Nextiva Physical Security Information Management, a system that enhances security by creating actionable intelligence from data gathered. And our Emergency Alert Notification Service enables simultaneous communication between diverse PA systems and agencies in an emergency.


KOVA’s newest addition can be used in both the public safety and non public safety arenas. SilentPartner is a mobile recording platform which can record audio, text messages, images, and video. Once captured, this critical information is no longer lost but transmitted to a database of the user’s choice.

The SilentPartner system offers speech analytics software that enables users to easily identify trends in recorded calls and interviews. Rough transcription of recordings, keyword and phrase searches, and indexing of communications are also options available with SilentPartner.