3 Surefire Ways to Motivate Managers

Written by KOVA Corp

Contact centers are a rapidly changing environment with more and more responsibility being placed on the managers who lead each individual center. These changes, which come in order to follow a customer based approach, pushes each center to evolve into a more dynamic and complex environment. Managers are expected to understand and command these complexities, balancing administrative tasks with motivational ones, all in an effort to keep the contact center running smoothly.

There are a variety of ways to keep contact center managers motivated to stay on top of their game and, below, KOVA will highlight three of the most important.

1. Maintain transparency 

Communication may seem like an obvious aspect to keeping managers happy and motivated to work hard, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds to execute open communication in large-scale organizations. For contact center managers to be successful, it is imperative that they are kept up to speed with the overall business strategy and objectives. A manager plays an important role, linking the agents at each individual center with the upper management who make the strategic decisions. How can a manager be an effective and motivated leader to contact center agents if they are not aware of the objectives and strategy of the company? Keeping this line of internal communication open and, at times, involving them in upper management decisions, is one of the keys to keep contact center managers happy and motivated.

2. Provide regular training

Training is an integral aspect to keeping all employees motivated, but it is especially relevant for managers. In a continuously evolving world and contact center environment, it is important that managers stay up to date with the progress and development, both on a company and industry level. By providing managers with continuous training, customer satisfaction can also increase, as they feel that knowledgeable and highly skilled leaders are helping them. Short, informal training sessions will contribute to incremental changes on a weekly or monthly basis as more than one, large training session per year that may require a large overhaul in order to implement changes. Providing people with knowledge is a form of empowerment and a surefire way to motivate your contact center managers.

3. Promote creativity

While it may seem out of context to suggest creativity in the contact center industry, in this setting, creativity can be interpreted as problem solving skills and the imagination necessary to deal with the always-changing environment of a contact center. Creativity means thinking of innovative ways to inspire contact center agents to improve their performance, whether it is by rewarding good work or creating a competition in the office. A good contact center manager will identify the environment in which its agents will thrive, and will use their creativity to create that environment.

Together, these three methods are reliable ways to motivate contact center managers. Not only will they feel more connected to the upper management, they will feel more prepared to help agents and customers, resulting in increased employee and customer satisfaction. Motivated managers are a key to running a successful contact center, so start putting these methods to work today!

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