Six Ways First Responders Can Alleviate Stress

Many non-responders do not understand the toll that being a first responder can take on the mind and body. The stress of being “the one” the public turns to when their worst fears are being realized around them has ill effects, whether a responder wants to admit it or not. This means that taking the time to put safeguards and habits into your life to manage stress is.
August 13th, 2018|Workforce Management|0 Comments

Beyond Public Relations: How Law Enforcement Uses Social Media in Crime-solving

Ah, social media: the daily time-sucking tools that have ended friendships over petty squabbles, made celebrities of people who just put the right picture on the right social media account at the right time, and showed us that cats can be pretty darn grumpy. But while many people look at social media as some kind of lightweight thing that is a part of their daily lives .
August 9th, 2018|Workforce Management|0 Comments
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