Friend or Foe? Biometrics Can Stop Criminals, but Will the Constitution Suffer?

Biometric technology is advancing at an almost exponential rate, and its impact on law enforcement is only going to grow. Despite the fact that biometric measures will allow police to help keep communities safer and perhaps even allow for cold cases to be solved and criminals brought to justice, there are many who believe these advancements amount to a violation of.
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The Keys to Successful Communications in Law Enforcement

In this day of social media, with everything police officers do at risk of being observed and recorded by the public, it’s more important than ever that law enforcement engage in effective communication techniques. The actions of officers in dealing with the public, with government officials, and even with each other can inadvertently escalate situations in which.
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Developing Trends in Law Enforcement: New Tech and Community-Oriented Policing

When we try to take a look ahead into what the next decade could bring for law enforcement and public safety, there are multiple challenges that could mean significant changes to the way officers interact with their communities. One of the biggest ways to combat these challenges is a new focus on community-oriented policing. Community-oriented policing is not a new.
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Mayberry it Isn’t: The Challenges of Rural Law Enforcement

As we take a look at challenges facing rural law enforcement, we do have to make the disclaimer that no two rural police departments are the same, and while many will face similar challenges, not everything that is mentioned in this article necessarily applies to your local rural police force. Most people don’t know that according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, .
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New Tools for the Good Guys: 3D Printing in Law Enforcement

Advances in technology for law enforcement have fascinated the public for years. That’s why shows like CSI were so successful: the public wants to believe the police have all the advanced tools necessary to bring criminals to justice even when the evidence is hard to find. While much of what’s seen on TV doesn’t much resemble the real thing, there is one area of.
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