Improving Your 911 Quality Assurance Program

When it comes to emergency situations, there’s no substitute for a highly efficient 911 program. Best practices in 911 quality assurance include reviewing prior performance, keeping operators informed of how they are being monitored, including transparent assessment criteria, and ensuring the latest in data analytics technology is used for the most accurate.
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5 Best Practices in Emergency Communications

When you are in the heat of the moment dealing with an emergency, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Having a good emergency communication plan will help personnel do their jobs to the best of their abilities during an emergency situation. Emergency communications training is key to ensuring that things go as smoothly as possible when you are dealing with an.
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Best Practices in 911 Quality Assurance

In 2015, after nearly 50 years in existence, the 911 Association (otherwise known as NENA: the National Emergency Number Association) introduced the new standard for Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement. The quest for a unified standard was long in coming and today constitutes the backbone of best practices for 911 operation centers and the staff comprise.
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