What is Voice Biometrics and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Identity theft is a serious concern for everyone these days, and companies must do what they can to protect their customers’ personal information. Security and fraud have become major concerns for businesses in all industries. Voice biometrics can help provide secure and authentic customer service through your call center by improving authentication processes. Speech .
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How To Map Successful Customer Experiences in Your Contact Center

A customer experience map can help provide a number of insights into the experiences your contact center is providing for your customers. Business is gained by controlling your customer’s experiences with your organization. In order to control your customer’s experience, you must first have a thorough understanding of what that experience is. Here’s a four-step plan .
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All About Live Chat and Chatbots in Your Contact Center

Live chat used to be the fastest growing method of communication with customers, but that position is now being held by chatbots. It seems like more and more tasks are becoming automated these days. This includes contact center activity - but are customers willing to accept this? Here’s everything you need to know about live chat and chatbots in your contact center, so.
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Best Public Safety Conferences To Attend In 2018

Public safety is an industry where keeping up with the latest trends and information is very  important. Thankfully, there is no shortage of conferences you can attend to glean the latest and greatest information. Whether you are on the frontlines as an EMS provider or working the phone lines as a 9-1-1 operator, here are some of the best public safety conferences coming .
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What Comes After Omnichannel?

Over the last few years, businesses have gone from trying to provide customer service everywhere - from phones to chat to email to Facebook to Twitter and on and on - to focusing on a few strategic channels. Many companies who have been focusing on the omnichannel approach for several years have done so with only mediocre results. Because of this, this omnichannel.
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The Importance of Data Capture Programs for Public Safety Agencies

Technology enables us to capture more data than we ever have before, but the key to taking advantage of so much data is knowing how to analyze it and apply that analysis in a useful way. Public safety agencies can use data capture programs to analyze data in order to find patterns that will enable them to prevent disasters before they happen. There are four main ways.
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Public Safety Tech in 2018

Public safety is a big concern to everyone. Technology plays a major role in keeping public safety workers and citizens safe. Whether it’s an app on your phone that keeps you safe while you are walking alone at night or data encryption on your computer to protect your personal information, technology works hard for you everyday. Technology continues to grow by leaps.
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Customer Service in the Age of the Connected Consumer

Technology has enabled consumers to be connected to their various devices 24/7 if they choose to be. Smartphones can do almost every task that was once only available to owners of PC’s. With the invention of apps, smartphone users are able to stay connected to social media, the internet, and email wherever they go. In the age of the connected consumer, businesses risk.
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