Sensitivity Tips for Emergency Personnel

When dealing with a crisis situation, the number one concern is getting the situation under control and making sure that the appropriate emergency services are involved. Emergency personnel don’t have time to stop and think about the sensitivity of the situation or the feelings of the people involved because the situation may involve life or death. They are working to.
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How to Boost Morale for Public Safety Officers During the Holiday Season

Good morale is like fitness for the mind. It helps keeps spirits high and can keep you going even when times are tough. Many of the same strategies for keeping morale high for employees in other industries during the holiday season also apply to public safety officers. Declining morale can have a drastic affect not only on individuals, but on departments as a whole..
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Funniest 911 Calls From Holiday Season 2017

Calling 911 is a very serious action. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you don’t realize what you’re going through isn’t actually an emergency. Unfortunately there are some people that are still calling 911 when it's not necessary.  In the past we've shared some of our favorite funny and ridiculous 911 stories. Below are some of our favorite 911 calls from the .
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