5 Key Traits of a Great Contact Center Agent

Even with an industry that’s utilizing new technological  innovations like chatbots and automated phone systems, great customer service - of the human-to-human variety, that is - is still vital for the success of a contact center. But what does good customer service mean for a call center employee? What traits does one have to have to maintain a high standard of.
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The U.S. is Moving Closer to Making Smart Cities a Widespread Reality

The idea behind the smart city is as revolutionary as it is easy to grasp. In simple terms, a “smart city” is a development idea in which information systems from public safety, libraries, schools, transportation, hospitals, energy suppliers, waste management, law enforcement and beyond are integrated, allowing the officials of a city not only to make sure that.
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Contact Centers and Cloud Technology

Cloud-based technology is one of the most exciting, and in some ways the least understood, innovations in the contact center industry today. It’s understandable why this is. On the one hand, cloud technology allows for an easier storage and portability of massive amounts of data and software, which makes establishing a fully functional contact center with customer.
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Why 911 Dispatching is So Different Today

There was a time when public safety dispatchers would work simple phone lines, typically with one computer to help them sort through the available information to make sure that a 911 caller got the help they needed. It’s incredible to think how different the job was just 10 or 20 years ago, given the technology that a dispatcher uses in 2017. So what has changed over .
August 2nd, 2017|Workforce Management|0 Comments
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