How Does Physical Security Information Management Work?

Physical security information management is one of the most important developments in the history of public safety technology. PSIM is a type of software that integrates multiple security applications and devices and runs them through a single, all-encompassing interface. Why is this so groundbreaking? Because PSIM can collect and sort data  from different,.
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Why IT Support Agents Need the Latest in Call Center Software

One of the best things that any business can do is be on the lookout for new innovations that can help it be more successful and efficient. Even if a business is working at peak performance, that doesn’t mean they can afford to stop looking for ways to make things run more smoothly. That’s especially true in IT support, where keeping up with new developments is a.
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Books Every Call Center Manager Should Read

Managing a busy call center can be an incredibly challenging job, and it often might seem like, with all of the non-stop changes and innovations coming to the industry, it’s impossible to find the right guide for a manager who needs some tips or just a little help. But as it turns out, there’s a healthy market of call center-related books for a manager or.
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5 Ways to Help Your Contact Center Employees Relieve Stress

The general public doesn’t often think of contact center work as particularly stressful. However, customer service can be an extremely stressful profession. Contact center employees have to deal with any number of possible stressors, from angry customers, to ineffective training, to staying on top of new policies or procedures that may have just been put into.
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Our Top Picks of the Best Public Safety Blogs on the Web

Public safety is an ever-changing subject with so many different iterations that it’s hard to keep up. It’s important that all of these different elements work in concert with one another, so we offer a range of topics that stand alone but are interconnected at the same time. But we’re by no means the only place to go for blogs that educate and inform those in.
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How To Determine Which KPIs Are Most Useful For Your Contact Center

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a great way to focus your contact center on improvement by using the data that you generate every day. The idea is that you use several KPIs to measure different parts of your performance—call time, agent turnover rate, or first contact resolution, for example. By monitoring and measuring these KPIs, you can see exactly where you.
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How Emotional Intelligence Training Can Improve Your Call Center’s Customer Service

Think for a moment about how important it is to see the person you’re talking to in order to understand what they’re trying to say. The look on their face or their body language can clue you into what they really mean, even if their words are telling you something different. Now imagine sitting at a desk and listening to someone’s voice. What tools do you have to .
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