8 Customer Service Conferences Every Contact Center Manager Should Know About

Customer service is an ever-changing industry that evolves with the consumer. Contact centers that want to be successful have to keep track of changing trends and new technology. And one of the best ways to do that? Keeping up to date by attending conferences and conventions. Since contact centers have a growing presence in the job market both in the U.S. and.
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The Best Public Safety Conferences of 2017

The year is young, but 2017 already has a full slate of conferences for public security companies and employees all over the country. Various organizations have posted their plans for conferences regarding everything from technological developments in the industry to honoring public safety telecommunications workers to massive expos with a long list of vendors. Here .
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Why Technology Is Useless Without The Right People Behind It

We live in a time when technology is one of the most used words in our language. Tech has quickly worked its way into almost every part of our daily lives, as well as work and school environments. And it can be easy to hand off responsibility to new tech innovations—many times, it’s beneficial to all involved. Collecting and analyzing data can lead to important.
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How The Right Technology Can Make You A Better Manager

Effectively managing a contact center takes a lot of organizational knowledge, people skills, and foresight. It takes more work than many people may realize to keep things running smoothly, and there are quite a few moving pieces that you have to be keeping an eye on at any given time. Technology in the workplace, and especially in customer service, is quickly evolving .
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Customer Service Trends For 2017

As technology evolves and consumer demographics shift, customer service trends have a tendency to either grow quickly, or fall by the wayside. But that’s not ideal for many businesses who are looking to stay up-to-date with those current customer service trends. At this point, knowing what’s coming is half the battle. So take a look at some of these customer service.
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