3 Ways to Earn Your Employees’ Trust

In any working environment, earning your employees’ trust can mean the difference between good and great results. But in a workplace like a contact center, which can suffer from high turnover and low employee morale, building that trust can be a challenge. This is exacerbated by the fact that there are often hundreds of employees, many of whom are part-time. How.
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4 Police Technologies That Are Changing Policing

With the many mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and attacks on police that we’ve seen in the past few years, it’s clear that policing is becoming an ever more difficult and complex job. In the past, police officers fought crime with a police radio, their weapon, and problem-solving skills. Today, that’s no longer enough. As criminals have gathered on the.
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4 Considerations for Taking a Contact Center Global

If you’re a contact center executive considering taking your contact center operations to a global level, you’ve doubtless spent a lot of time thinking about logistics, necessary technology, hiring qualified agents, and the other considerations that global operations require. Scaling up from single-country operations to multi-country can be an overwhelming.
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Best Contact Center Advice Blogs

Running a contact center isn’t an easy job, and sometimes you’ll run into problems that you need a little help with. Don’t hesitate or feel embarrassed that you don’t know the answer. Just hop online and check out one of these fantastic blogs on contact center operations. Everything from hiring to software is covered in these blogs, so you’ll always have.
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Why Contact Centers are Moving into the Cloud

Only a few years ago, studies showed that while many contact centers were interested in moving their operations into the cloud, a significant number felt that there were still significant obstacles. Security concerns, questions about integration with existing systems, and concerns about a loss of investment in current on-premise systems were all reasons that organizations .
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How Monitoring Your Contact Center KPIs Can Lead You to Better Customer Service

Any contact center manager today knows that analytics are key when it comes to monitoring your agents’ performance. Thanks to the benefits of technology, data is everywhere - and if you have the right contact center software solutions, it’s easy to collect. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like call abandonment rate, first call resolution, and others can be easily .
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