Technology for Peace: How Tech Can Help Reduce Violent Confrontations Between Civilians and Police Officers

As we continue to hear about the all-too-frequent shootings that are taking the lives of both police officers and civilians, it can be difficult to imagine a better future. How can we stop these shootings from happening? How can we prevent things like human error, bias, and hatred from affecting the way civilians and police officers interact with each other? Perhaps,.
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Situational Awareness for Law Enforcement: Integrating Mindset with Technology

For law enforcement, situational awareness is a vital skill that many police officers work continually to improve. When you’re dealing with potential threats day in and day out, a situational awareness mindset can be key in keeping you and the community members around you safe. When you combine this mindset with the advanced situational awareness technology that is.
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Proactive Customer Service for the Contact Center: Part Two

This is the second post in our series on proactive customer service. For the first post, Proactive Customer Service for the Contact Center, click here [LINK]. Customer service has undergone a great many changes in the past decade. For one thing, customers are demanding a seamless, omnichannel experience - one that lets them contact you via phone, text, live chat,.
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911 Heroes—True Stories Of 911 Call Takers

Police and firefighters get a lot of praise, and rightfully so. They do the work that most of us don’t want to. They save lives and keep us safe every single day. But there’s someone who often gets forgotten in the rush to show our appreciation to first responders. That person is the 911 dispatcher—the reason your call for help made it to the first.
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Building a Business Case for Investing in Workforce Management Software

  We all have areas of our business we’d like to improve. Maybe you want your first call resolution rates to go up, so you’re working on building a better knowledge management system for your agents.  Maybe you want to help your agents improve the way they handle customers, so you’re investing time into one-on-one coaching sessions. And maybe you.
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Why We Do What We Do: Working with Public Safety Organizations

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since 9/11. As we mourn for the more than 3,000 people who lost their lives on that terrible, tragic day, we want also to remember with heartfelt gratitude the first responders who rushed in to rescue so many survivors and provide emergency medical care that saved lives. Those first responders, and the thousands of.
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How To Show Appreciation For Police Officers

  Unless you have a friend or family member in uniform, you may not think about the police all that often until you really need them (or get a speeding ticket). That’s unfortunate, because even though you don’t interact with them every day, they’re out on the job all day and night protecting us and staying ready to respond to 911 calls. Police officers.
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Reasons Why Police Deserve Our Thanks And Respect

  Too often, the hard and dangerous work that our police officers do goes unnoticed or at least unrecognized. Most people don’t really think about what police do every day in their community until they need assistance from them. There are a lot of reasons to thank your local police department, and these are just a few of them. They Work A Dangerous Job .
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Importance Of Public Safety Technology For Public Spaces And Large Organizations

  When it comes to public safety technology, most people don't think about all the different organizations that have to communicate and interact with each other to adequately keep the public safe. For this to happen, it's important for these organizations to fully invest in public safety technology. Even private organizations that own a great deal of land, or .
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