Our Top 6 Favorite Funny 911 Calls

911 dispatchers rarely have a reason to laugh on the job. 90 percent of the time, they’re a lifeline for the person on the other end of the line. That’s why 911 dispatchers are often referred to as “invisible first responders.” But every now and then, someone calls with an issue that has nothing to do with life or death. Instead, it’s.
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Three Tips for Measuring Public Safety Performance

In every industry, organizations have to find effective, accurate ways to measure their performance. For certain industries, this can be fairly straightforward. Take retail, for instance. Retailers can measure daily, weekly, and monthly sales figures to get an accurate idea of how they’re performing compared to last month or last year. Contact centers can.
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The Contact Center KPIs That You Should be Tracking

We’ve all heard about how important analytics are to running a successful contact center. With the incredible amount of data that’s now available to track, there’s no excuse for not taking advantage of it. But there’s a potential downside to having all this access to trackable data, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). How do you know which .
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How To Prevent IT Disasters At Your Contact Center

  Contact centers spend a lot of time and energy getting everything just right. Using analytics, they can find the best scheduling during times of heavy call traffic and even change how their agents respond to customers’ problems. Having your contact center running efficiently during normal times is a great goal, but what happens when something goes wrong?.
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How To Gain Actionable Intelligence From Big Data

Big data has become a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot. That’s because analytics are making it easier to gather huge amounts of information and sort through them. A task that would have taken a prohibitive amount of time can now be done quite quickly. But there’s a problem. Just because you’re able to gather vast amounts of data, and even sort through it, .
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Top Public Safety Blogs

  Public safety is a complex topic that covers quite a bit of ground. It’s the combination of all the different and distinct ways in which we try to make society a safer and better place. When all the different facets of public safety come together and work as one, that’s when we achieve the highest level of safety and security in a community. The.
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Why PSAPS Should Be Using The U.S. National Grid To Find 911 Callers

  Not everyone knows it, but there are some serious issues with the ability of emergency call takers to find the location of 911 callers in the United States. The problem stems from the fact that the 911 system in the U.S. was developed with technology from around 40 years ago, when everyone had a landline, and the caller literally had to be in the building .
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Importance Of Collaboration Between Frontline And Back Office

  Your frontline and back office have different jobs to do, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s because they work in two different environments. Your frontline agents work in real time, meaning a problem arises and they take the call and attempt to resolve it. They work to pursue immediate resolution, taking calls as they come unless a backlog.
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Why You Should Integrate Social Media Into Your Contact Center

There’s a lot that goes into building a successful contact center culture—from training and hiring practices to the software that you use. One of the newer developments in contact center best practices is the integration of social media. Social media isn’t anything new at this point, but using it in your contact center may be something you’ve shied away from.
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