Issues For Public Sector Contact Centers

Running any contact center isn’t the easiest job. You have quite a number of things to keep an eye on every day—your employees’ performance, your call traffic, new technology and processes—it can all seem like a lot is on your plate from day to day. But running a public sector contact center can be even tougher than doing it in the private sector. Some of the.
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Importance Of Proactive Cyber Security For Contact Centers

  Cyber security has been a much-discussed topic recently, and for good reason. Cyber attacks are hitting hospitals, corporations, financial organizations, universities, and even governments. Anywhere that important, sensitive data is stored has become a target for hackers. And unfortunately, this applies to contact centers, as well. Depending on the type of.
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5 Ways To Make Your Contact Center Training More Efficient And Effective

Training your contact center agents effectively is big part of running a well-organized center that performs above expectations. It’s also a big part of reducing turnover, the Achilles heel of most contact centers. In the end, it’s all related. Good training makes better agents, leading to a contact center with low turnover and great customer service. Putting it.
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The Two Sides Of Workforce Optimization

When your goal is workforce optimization, there are two prongs you have to focus on—investing in technology, and investing in your employees. One approach by itself simply isn’t enough. Some managers think that by getting the best software and technology, they’ll be able to optimize their workforce, but then they ignore the human component of the job..
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How To Increase Contact Center Employee Productivity

Contact centers are known for having high turnover and low morale, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you manage your contact center efficiently and intelligently, you can keep your turnover low and your employees happy. Part of having a team of agents that works well and stays on the job is making sure you keep productivity high. Agents that have long periods.
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Structured vs. Unstructured Data – What are the Benefits of Each?

Contact centers today - and every other business organization, really - have an overwhelming supply of data that they can draw on for insight. From the most general information, like the number of calls per day, to the very specific, like what percentage of agent interactions results in a successful upsell of a particular product, organizations with the right.
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What’s Next For Public Safety Technology?

Like any other field, public safety has been through some major changes over the years as technology has become more sophisticated. Innovations in tech have changed the way we think about public safety, and more importantly, how we implement it. But what’s next for public safety? The pace of these tech changes has picked up, and there are more and more new ideas.
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The Most Important Technologies For Call Centers

Despite what some of your customers might think, not all contact centers are built the same. They might have different software and technology based on the size of the contact center, its purpose, and its location. It can be incredibly complex and sophisticated, or it can be very simple depending on what needs it serves. There isn’t one right way to build and.
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Why Public Safety Organizations Need Speech Analytics

Speech analytics is one of the fastest growing technologies for contact centers, but it also has important uses for public safety answering points (PSAPs). Speech analytics software converts conversations and audio into data that can easily be searched and analyzed. Once the recorded conversations are converted into indexed, searchable data, they can be taken apart.
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