Why You Need Speech Analytics For Your Call Center

Speech analytics is one of the fastest growing technologies in the contact center market, but not everyone has applied this game-changing technology yet. Speech analytics software is great for call centers because it allows you to take data from thousands of calls and conversations and mine it to gain insight about your customers, your contact center agents, and what.
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High-Tech Public Safety Centers Aren’t Just for Big Cities Anymore

Real-time public safety technology has been on the market for years, but up until recently, it’s mostly been implemented in large cities - places like New York and San Francisco, for example. From gunshot detection technology, to real-time video feeds, to facial recognition technology, much of what’s available seems almost futuristic. When it comes to.
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4 Customer Engagement Trends For the Financial Services Industry

Like every other sector of business, the financial services industry is being reshaped by new and changing technology. These changes are happening in the way these organizations do business, but also in the way they market themselves and engage with their customers. Customer service and engagement are crucial to businesses in this industry, as it evolves, to keep.
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How Voice of the Customer Can Help With Customer Engagement

Voice of the customer is a term used to describe the processes your business uses to get your customers’ feedback about their experiences and expectations of your products and services. VoC can be captured in a number of ways, including direct discussions or interviews, surveys, complaint logs, focus groups, and observation. So why should you conduct VoC research?.
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13 Stats Every Call Center Manager Should Know (Infographic)

Did you know that one out of every 25 jobs in America is in the contact center industry? Or that a full 40 percent of contact centers have no analytics tools, even though analytics is predicted to become vitally important over the next five years? Contact centers and the customer service they provide are hugely important to the country’s economy. And while you may.
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The Movement From Scripted Empathy To Real Conversations

What is “scripted empathy,” and why has it been taking such a beating lately? Scripted empathy is the term used to describe an interaction on the phone with a customer service representative that includes some kind of standard apology or explanation. Now, you might already be thinking that a scripted apology would be a bad idea, and you’d be right..
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