How to Improve the Workplace for Your Contact Center Agents

Happy employees are productive employees -- that’s why continually improving your contact center for your agents is critical. In fact, a well-designed contact center can increase productivity by up to 20%. To help you make your call center a more ideal (and productive) environment, we've put together these helpful tips. Noise control Contact centers are .
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How to Improve Your Contact Center

Contact centers are living organisms. They grow, fluctuate, and change. Most importantly, with the right team, they improve. Whether you're looking to add to your call center after a change or growth in your company, or even pushback from your customers, we've got you covered. Below are a number of ways to improve your contact center. You can also visit our case .
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Achieving Upper Management Buy-in for New Technology

There is a disconnect between the agents who use contact center technology and the upper management who control the budget and could approve its upgrade. This disconnect can make it hard for workers and middle management to get the technology they need to improve their productivity and results. It isn't a lost cause, however; you just need to frame it in a way that.
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How Big Data Is Helping Prevent Crime And Make Cities Safer

Slowly, but surely, data analytics is beginning to see use in nearly every facet of our lives. Compiling and analyzing huge amounts of data can bring about some surprising and advantageous discoveries. For instance, police departments across the nation have found that they can use big data to predict and help prevent crime. The Los Angeles Police Department may be.
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Contact Center Hiring Tips

Call centers are known for having some of the highest turnover rates in any business. This means the hiring process is nearly constant, and that can put a lot of strain on management, taking up time and energy. The best way to cut down on the amount of time spent hiring is to do it better in the first place. Hiring the right candidates for the right reasons will go a .
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Hiring Tips for PSAP Managers

When you’re hiring someone for a high-stress job like a 911 dispatcher, the hiring process must be as thorough and precise as possible. While there are always new hires who will end up not working out - sometimes before they even begin working - it’s important for 911 centers to do what they can to minimize these numbers. The turnover rate for 911 .
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Self-Service: The Next Step in Customer Service for Contact Centers

When customer service executives and thought leaders in the customer service space talk about the future of their industry these days, they almost invariably say the same thing: the future of customer service is self-service. Many companies have already bought into this idea wholeheartedly, and started offering things like detailed FAQ pages on their websites, or.
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What a Customer Wants: The Relationship Between Customer Experience and Consumer Behavior (Infographic)

As a contact center manager, there’s no doubt that you spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve your customer experience. Self-service options, speech analytics, multi-channel communication, even workforce optimization software - today’s contact centers have lots of tools available to them when it comes to serving their customers. But how do you know which .
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How Workforce Optimization Can Improve Back Office Efficiency

Despite being part of the same business, the front office and back office rarely work very well together. The customer-facing front office is concerned with customer satisfaction and quick issue resolution. The back office is concerned with longer-term tasks - things like remaining compliant, maintaining the budget, or evaluating legal issues. Because the work of.
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3 Companies Offering Amazing Customer Service – and What You Can Learn From Them

Giving great customer service doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. Hire nice people, train them well, provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs, and amazing service should follow naturally - right? If only it were that easy. Assuming you’ve got the right people working for you (let’s leave aside, for now, the issue of how.
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