3 Ways You Can Empower Your Agents to Handle the Most Difficult Customers

Dealing with angry or unsatisfied customers is, unfortunately, simply part of the job for contact center agents. Whether a service isn’t working as it should, a product arrived damaged, or the customer was surprised by a fee they didn’t expect, every industry has its own share of customer problems - and often, it’s the contact agents’ job to fix them. Making.
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3 Ways to Boost Retention of Public Safety Communications Employees

When it comes to stressful jobs, being a 911 dispatcher has got to be near the top of the list. Dealing with anxious, scared, tense callers hour after hour, day after day, takes its toll - in fact, many 911 dispatchers end up experiencing stress-related issues that affect their personal lives, including PTSD. Combine this fact with the relatively modest pay that .
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Case Closed! Wrapping Up Cases Faster with SilentPartner

The time right before an accident can feel like it goes in slow motion; however, the events following an accident can feel like they speed by. Especially in the case of major accidents, it is important to make sure everything is properly documented and recorded. According to popular automotive insurer GEICO, it is extremely important to get the following information.
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Contact Centers Will Become Even More Customer-Centric in 2016

If you’ve worked in a contact center for any span of time, you’ve witnessed firsthand the massive changes that have occurred in the industry over the past several years. For one thing, customers don’t just communicate by phone call anymore - it’s no longer even their preferred channel. Email, chat, video, and texting have all arisen as vital .
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How Cities are using Physical Security Management and Situational Awareness Technology

Situational awareness isn’t only being aware of your environment, it’s a concept that is now being applied on a grand scale to some forward-thinking cities. Tied in with physical security information management, it’s a way to keep everyone safe, and cities humming, while connecting a slew of trackable items with one convenient interface. Need an example? Just.
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How Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing Public Safety

For whatever reason, public safety agencies - at least, on the city and county level - have traditionally lagged behind other industries when it comes to adopting the latest and greatest in technology. That’s beginning to change, slowly. Some cities are investing in cutting-edge technology like Smart Streetlights and situational awareness platforms, and.
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Why You Should Invest in Enterprise Feedback Management Software

As a contact center manager, you know that your center can’t succeed unless it’s truly customer-centric. From an engaged back office, to customer-focused leadership, to front-line agents who have the tools they need to keep your customers happy, the customer-centric contact center utilizes every aspect of its business to put customers front and center. Another.
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How Public Safety Technology Can Be a Cost-Effective Way to Improve Your Department’s Efficiency

When it comes to public safety organizations - especially local ones like police, fire, and EMS - there's often one obstacle to improving services that is especially hard to overcome: lack of money. This could be said of many government-run departments, but for whatever reason, public safety seems to get hit pretty hard. Many towns and cities face serious shortages.
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A Chance to Give Back at Mud City Crab House

At KOVA, giving back to our communities is an integral part of what we do. We’re in the business of public safety software solutions, after all - taking care of other people is very important to us. That’s why we were so glad to be able to participate in a recent local charity event, Eskimo Outreach at Mud City Crab House here in our hometown of.
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Verint Media Recorder Workforce Optimization Suite Recognized as Industry Leader in Gartner Report

We’re excited to share that the Verint Media Recorder Workforce Optimization Suite, which is designed by Verint Systems, was recently recognized as a leader in the call center workforce optimization space by the technology market research firm Gartner. Gartner’s report Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement Center Workforce Optimization named Verint as.
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