Cybersecurity vs. Homeland Security: Apple’s Fight Against the FBI Over the San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

Doubtless you’ve heard over the last week about Apple’s conflict with the FBI: the FBI wants Apple to help it break in to the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, and Apple is refusing on the grounds that such technology could end up in criminals’ hands and endanger the security of millions of iPhone customers. It’s the kind of privacy vs..
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Drones and Public Safety: Balancing Benefits and Concerns

Most often, drones are in the news because of their military application. We hear about drone strikes targeting terrorist cells in Iraq, or sending back surveillance images of a dangerous tribal area in Afghanistan. But drones are increasingly being used closer to home - much closer to home, in fact. Some public safety offices around the country are either already.
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The Top Security Concerns for Organizations in 2016

Just as security technology continues to evolve, so too do the tools that criminals are using to commit their crimes. From hacking into secure computers, to breaking into restricted areas, the crimes that people are committing against businesses and organizations are becoming more and more sophisticated. This is one reason that more organizations are using things .
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Why You Need Physical Security Information Management

Every business recognizes the importance of physical security. Whether you use something as complex as a full system of surveillance cameras and a cadre of security guards, or just a simple alarm system, security is something that no organization can do without. But what about Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)? Put simply, PSIM is a type of software.
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How to Optimize Your At-Home Workforce at Your Contact Center

Once upon a time, the idea of working while hanging out on your couch was just a fantasy for those who couldn’t stand their jobs—people like Office Space’s Peter Gibbons, who can barely bring himself to open the door to his workplace each morning. But today, working from home is a happy reality for all kinds of people, from marketers and accountants.
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How Using Speech Analytics Can Lead to More Satisfied Customers

Long pauses. Changes in vocal tone. Mentioning a competitor. These are all things that happen regularly during a call from a customer to a contact center, and they can offer all kinds of information to a contact center manager—which upselling or cross-selling programs are working, how well your agents are sticking to their scripts, trends in customer satisfaction..
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What Digital Disruption Means for Your Contact Center

“Digital disruption”: it sounds like something out of an action movie. Is it a technique used by international spies? A deft method of disarming an opponent using only wifi wavelengths? Well, the CIA may know more than we do, but as far as we’re aware, digital disruption is neither of those things. In fact, it’s just a fancy term for the way .
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