How to Help Your Agents Beat the Post-Holiday Blues and Stay Productive

The holidays bring with them an energy and excitement that can help enliven the office throughout the month of December. But once January hits, sometimes a new atmosphere can emerge - and it’s not nearly as pleasant as the earlier one. Enter the post-holiday blues. Known for showing up once Christmas, New Year’s, and all their attendant festivities have passed,.
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The New York Times: The Need for Upgraded 911 Service

Next Generation 911, or NG911, standards have been talked about for years now. If you’re a public safety official, you’re doubtless familiar with what the move to NG911 is concerned with: taking the current, telephone-based system and upgrading it to a digital one capable of sending and receiving SMS, video, and photos as well as audio. This proposal is.
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How Verint Media Recorder Technology Can Help PSAPs and Law Enforcement Agencies

Technology plays a vital role in all parts of daily lives, from working, to staying in touch with friends and family, to deciding what movie we’re going to stream on Netflix tonight. When it comes to public safety, however, technology can mean the difference between life and death. When someone is in a dangerous car accident and calls 911, their well-being.
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7 Trends in Contact Center Knowledge Management for 2016

As any great contact center leader knows, knowledge management is a vital—and potentially overwhelming—part of working in a large organization. It’s vital because it helps your agents stay on track and address issues correctly, which in turn makes your business more successful. It can be overwhelming because the “knowledge” in knowledge.
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How Workforce Optimization Can Help You Start 2016 Off Right

If you work in customer service, you've probably been hearing about the importance of the customer journey for years now. With customers having more power than ever before, their experience is paramount to a business's success. At a contact center, your agents are the ones on the customer experience frontlines - they're the people who determine whether your .
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Verint SMC: How Situation Management Technology Can Help Make Our Cities and Businesses Safer

As disheartening as it is to admit it, cities and businesses today face a growing number of increasingly sophisticated threats. Acts of terrorism, cybercrime, mass shootings – these horrifying acts are becoming more and more common. These are in addition to the threats we’ve always faced, like natural disasters, accidents, and intruders. The question of what.
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Five Tips for Creating Effective Customer Surveys

  Getting honest customer feedback just might be one of the most difficult tasks a contact center manager has on her plate. From informal feedback, like comments a customer makes during a service call, to formal feedback, like complaints, there are countless opportunities each day to listen to and glean valuable insight from what your customers are saying. But .
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5 Tips for Better Contact Center Agent Coaching

Training vs. coaching: although both are methods of helping a call center agent improve his or her performance, these two learning models are actually quite different. In training, a variety of methods can be used. You can offer webinars, videos, or virtual training sessions with other agents or managers. Training offers more general information for the agent—how.
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