KOVA Emergency Alert Notification System 411

If you’ve browsed our public safety software solutions, you may have come across something called the KEANS service. Standing for KOVA Emergency Alert System, KEANS is installed in some of the nation’s largest airports, providing a much-needed layer of airport security for everyone in the location, from personnel to travelers. But what does KEANS do? Below,.
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Dealing with Stress as a 911 Dispatcher

  911 dispatchers, or “invisible first responders,” as they’re often called, have very difficult jobs. Day in and day out, they talk people through some of the worst or most frightening moments of their lives. From burglaries to car crashes and worse, 911 dispatchers hear it all, and they have to stay calm throughout the events. Not.
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How Videos Can Help with Contact Center Training

We’ve all seen bad employee training videos—you know, the dated, grainy, cheesy ones that show up everywhere from low-level retail job training sessions to expensive multi-day trainings for corporate managers. The hair is big, the clothes are boxy, and the message is all but pounded into our heads. Don’t steal—you’ll go to jail (cue the slamming jail cell .
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Desk Exercises to Help Keep 911 Dispatchers Healthy and Happy

  9-1-1 dispatchers have one of the most stressful jobs around. When something horrible happens, they’re the first ones to respond—that’s why they’re sometimes called Invisible First Responders. Helping people through some of the worst times of their lives for eight or 12 hours a day can take its toll, making dispatchers susceptible to work-related.
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Rewarding Back Office Personnel: a Call Center’s Invisible Employees

  So often, the people working in a contact center’s back office—the people who perform clerical duties, fulfill orders, approve refunds, and many other tasks, depending on the industry—are essentially invisible to the customer. It makes for an odd situation, as what they do each day actually has a huge impact on the customer experience. At a credit.
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Staying Safe During Hurricane Season

  This August marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. We all remember the storm’s devastating effects on the city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas — but perhaps the memories that stands out the most are of the dire conditions that so many evacuees had to endure after the storm was over. From overcrowded shelters, to inadequate food and.
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Tips for Implementing a New Software System at Your Contact Center

The idea of implementing a new software system can be enough to send some managers running for the hills. It’s an understandable fear, especially for contact centers—today, there’s hardly a single job function an agent can perform fully offline, meaning that if something goes wrong during implementation, productivity goes way down. But switching to a.
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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun, exciting, and of course, candy-filled time for children and young people. And we mustn’t forget the adults—who can resist a good costume party, after all? But like any holiday when people come out in force to celebrate, Halloween is also a time to pay close attention to safety. By doing so, you can ensure that your ghoulish celebration will .
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KOVA Adds Universal Translation Feature to SilentPartner

Public safety professionals have difficult jobs. In high-stress, crisis situations, they’re the ones whose job it is to keep a cool head and think strategically. They interact with people of all sorts on a daily basis, and often have to secure the cooperation of those people in order to do their jobs well. If those people don’t speak English, that quickly becomes a.
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How Speech Analytics Can Help PSAPs and Law Enforcement

When it comes to criminal investigations, law enforcement needs every helpful tool it can get. From mobile voice recording apps like KOVA’s SilentPartner to the multi-media recording system, Audiolog for Public Safety, there are many recent technological advancements that are helping police officers, detectives, and other public safety officials do their jobs even.
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