Speech Analytics as a Call Center Solution

We’ve written about how speech analytics are being used to help law enforcement see trends, identify underlying issues, and connect the dots between cases more efficiently. But while speech analytics software just recently became common in the public safety industry, it’s been used for some time in business settings—specifically call centers, or contact.
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The Future of the Contact Center: Top Trends for this Year and Next

In some ways, the contact center model hasn’t changed in years. Customers call. Agents answer. Hopefully, questions are answered correctly and courteously, while problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. The overall purpose of the contact center is to facilitate customer contact, whether the center’s goal is to sell products or provide customer support. And.
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How to Become a Customer Feedback Superhero

Contact centers are getting in customer feedback all the time. Whether it’s through a formal channel, like a survey, or an informal one, like a quick mention during a support call, customer feedback can be enlightening and useful—but only if it’s managed well. If it’s not managed well, all you have is a flood of data that will quickly overwhelm the people.
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Public Safety Tips for Your College Student

It’s official: Labor Day has come and gone, and fall is in the air. Many of us parents are sending our kids off to college—some for the first time. And among all the things we’ve got to think about, from making sure our new collegiate have the right textbooks, to buying sheets, to updating the laptop, one surely looms larger than others: safety. Now that our kids .
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Preparing Your PSAP for NG911 Compliance

If you manage a Public Safety Answering Point, then you’re probably very familiar with Next Generation 911, or NG911. These standards, which are gradually being put into place throughout the country, are taking current, telephone-based 911 systems and upgrading them into fully digital networks capable of transmitting video, photos, and SMS in addition to.
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