How to Manage Contact Center Agent Idle Time

It’s not always easy to find the perfect balance between affirming agents’ rights to take breaks and recharge and ensuring optimal productivity for the whole center.  The challenge comes into sharp focus when considering what to do with agent idle times.  According to research done by the Aberdeen Group, 25% of an agent’s time is spent idle.  What is the best .
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Public Safety Solutions: The Technological Advances that have Reshaped the Dispatch Center

Though technological innovations can often raise difficult ethical questions and exist in a grey area, there is little contention or hesitation over their place in advancing public safety.  Whether it is an elderly person who can reach out with the press of a button for help after a fall or a new mom who can get access to the most up-to-date research on vaccines,.
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Top 7 Books for Contact Center Managers

Managing a contact center, or even working the phones, can be an art and a science.  At its heart is cultivating good relationships with customers, but it can also be a process in which one has to learn how to juggle numbers, human needs, and technical intervention.  Like any discipline, it requires continuing education and fine tuning.  For the manager or agent.
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