What is VDI? The Buzz Around This Innovation

Have you been wondering what exactly VDI is, and why IT keeps recommending it?  VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and just in case you’re really lost – IT stands for Information Technology.  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, in short, untethers the whole desktop complex (operating system, apps, saved files, preferences, and security profile) from its.
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Callbacks and Contact Centers

Time is precious, and no one wants to spend it listening to a recording repeat, “Your call is important to us” with interludes of elevator music.  It’s possible that contact centers may discover some ingenious ways of entertaining customers during wait periods that don’t trigger feelings of helplessness and frustration; perhaps they will provide snippets of.
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Workforce Optimization 411

Workforce optimization, or WFO, is a key avenue through which businesses increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee growth and development.  If it feels like another fancy shell of a term, think again.  Through the lens of WFO, contact center owners and managers are able to approach their center’s productivity objectives and functionality challenges.
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The Importance of Body Language in Management

When communicating with others we are not just communicating through words that are spoken - our bodies send messages and signals too. Body language is actually something that is biological. Humans and animals all share similar body language expressions. Across cultures, everyone smiles, including babies, before they are even taught what a smile is. Animals can smile.
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Contact Center Questions: What Makes a Leader?

Leadership is one of the fundamental building blocks of every business/organization. Without leaders, the businesses and organizations we have now wouldn’t exist. But what makes a true leader? Is a leader someone who has a vision and works with their team to establish that vision? Yes and no. A leader is much more than that. They are a mentor, the glue that keeps a.
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How to Deliver Great Customer Service for All Ages at a Contact Center

At a contact center, it can be really tricky to know how to tailor your customer service for all ages when you can’t see your caller. Still, there are a few tricks to delivering an exceptional experience every time, depending on what generation your caller belongs to. Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) Baby Boomers are completely misrepresented in the media. They’re.
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How PSAPs Can Comply With NENA’s 911 Standards

The National Emergency Number Association, or NENA, sets strict criteria in multiple areas of the emergency response process. Its standards are the gold standard of compliance in the industry, and following them will ensure that you’re ready to meet any emergency like a pro. After all, 911 dispatchers save lives every day, and the more efficient you are, the better you.
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Fraudulent Calls and Hanging Up: PSAPs in the News

Public safety access points (PSAPs) like yours are the first line of defense for Americans during some of the worst times of their lives. You’re expected to be there, 24/7, no matter how difficult the call or how hard the day. There’s no understating the importance of what you do: neglecting a call can mean the ruin—or even end—of someone’s.
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17 Things You Need to Know about Emergency Dispatchers

They’re the first people we call in an emergency-- our lifeline between disaster and the help we need. Emergency dispatchers are a crucial part of public safety for a myriad of reasons. They patiently talk our parents and grandparents through the tense and sometimes painful moments after a fall until help arrives. They tell police officers where to find us during.
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Public Safety Tips for Cycling in the Summer

The other day, I ran into a friend on the bicycle trail near my neighborhood. We both espoused how happy we were to be enjoying the summer weather, exercising, and saving a little bit of gas money by riding our bikes. “Why doesn’t everyone do this?” I said, intending it to be a rhetorical question. Laughing a little bit, my friend told me about his adult.
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