Texting and Contact Center Customer Support

The average American exchanges a whopping 914 texts a month.  That comes to around 30 texts a day, and the figure is doubled for those between the ages of 18-24.   While some of these texts are definitely lovers exchanging xoxos and friends trading stories and jokes, many are working out scheduling conflicts or troubleshooting arrangements like, “I’m cooking.
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Challenges for Rural 911 and EMS Communication Hubs

As anyone who has ever driven to meet a friend that lives on a farm knows, there are often special directions needed, vast distances to cover, and some stretches with no Starbucks, reception, or population.  One gets a similar picture when imagining the challenges of responding effectively to 911 emergencies in rural areas.  Rural (and many tribal) areas are often also.
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Hiring Veterans as Contact Center Agents

In our country, we tend to have a double standard, or somewhat bipolar attitude, when it comes to veterans.  On one hand, we acknowledge them as heroes and honor their courage, hard work, and sacrifice.  On the other hand, we neglect to meet their needs – whether they be those of counseling and support groups to address mental health issues or that of financial.
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Workforce Optimization: 5 Questions You Never Thought to Ask

  What percentage of calls should we be recording? While there’s no hard-and-fast rule on how many calls you should be recording at your contact center, KOVA’s Audiolog for Contact Centers, powered by Verint Systems, Inc., makes it easy to record as many as you want. This contact center software allows a simplistic platform to record, evaluate and archive.
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5 Public Safety Myths that are Limiting Your Success

There are many myths out there about public safety, and many people take them as fact. However, you’re in the industry of righting wrongs, fighting for justice, and keeping people safe: you’re someone who always wants the correct information. We’ve gathered five of the biggest misunderstandings about public safety software to help increase your organization’s.
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Crash Course: 4 Lessons to Learn in Your First Month at a Contact Center

Numbers are everything. Contact centers measure their success with numbers—lots and lots of numbers, from how long each customer is on hold to the length of your breaks to how many calls you take per hour. These statistics help contact center managers understand how to maximize customer satisfaction while keeping efficiency high. It might be overwhelming at first,.
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