3 Little Known Facts about the Cloud

Utilizing the cloud to integrate company-wide data has been one of the major trends in contact center management in recent history. With benefits including automatic data updates and accessibility from all devices, there are a large number of reasons that a contact center chooses to adopt the cloud as part of its normal business practices. There are, however, two sides to .
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Must-Haves When Buying a Workforce Management Solution

Workforce management is a software solution that can benefit nearly every type of company. As a tool that streamlines a variety of business processes, it is versatile and boasts a large number of benefits. Designed to work across all facets of an organization, it can provide detailed forecasting for scheduling accuracy, design balanced work patterns and individually.
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Beyond Managing Agent Performance: Big Data’s Bigger Picture

When it comes to managing data, call center managers experience many of the challenges that other professionals do: data overload. In a recent survey of 542 call center professionals, WhitePages reported that less than 60% of call centers are able to pass on actionable data about customer satisfaction to agents. The result, according to the survey, is an inability to.
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Solve Your Problems Faster Now: Why You Need to Institute a Think Tank

Managing a contact center is all about problem solving. You are presented every day with issues from corporate you need to address, personnel issues that require coaching, and logistics conundrums that must be fixed. It can seem as though the problems never end, and there is little help in sight. Unless you have your own personal Think Tank. By harnessing the power .
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Verint SMC: Situation Management Just Got Easier

The reality facing today’s public safety and security communities is that the technological infrastructure supporting situation management is often complex and inefficient. Employing a mixture of systems, these elements are often based on proprietary platforms that make it difficult to unify emergency communication. Imagine having one interface that takes relevant data.
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