Are You the Best? Two Qualities that Every Great Contact Center Manager Must Possess

Managing a busy contact center is never easy. You have so many demands on your time and attention – analytics, goals, and measurements on top of scheduling, personnel, and training. It’s a herculean job on the best of days. But two distinct priorities separate the good managers from the best. In fact, working on these two areas could make all the difference in your .
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5 Steps to Success with Your Think Tank

There are few tools so valuable to a contact center manager as the Think Tank. By coordinating the top performers to team up and solve management, employee, queue, and customer problems, the manager strengthens morale while meeting his most important goals. In short, the Think Tank is the contact center’s secret weapon. Top performers, too, are highly motivated to.
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Contact Center Marketing Can Boost Sales

Although contact centers began as a means of addressing customer comments and complaints, innovations in enterprise software have made contact center marketing a reality in today’s business world. Because contact centers focus on direct communication with consumers, they are able to supply CMOs with vital information that can improve marketing efforts. A Vital.
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Can We Really Trust Our Representatives? Overcoming a Contact Center Manager’s Deepest Fears, part 2

  Every day, contact center managers work to ensure high call quality. So what the associates say on the other end of the line can be a real source of stress. Will they maintain a high level of professionalism and customer satisfaction? The most important part of supporting a contact center staff is the daily update. Those morning huddles, printed FAQs, or.
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Can We Really Trust Our Representatives? Overcoming a Contact Center Manager’s Deepest Fears, part 1

It keeps you awake at night and nags you every day – what are your representatives really saying on the other end of the line? Could they be giving misinformation? Might they anger customers? Will they fail to pass a problem call up to a leader, instead lying to a customer that “I am the supervisor” to avoid coaching? It takes a lot of faith in one’s staff to.
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Does Your Team Know How to Handle Difficult Calls?

It’s a fact of life for every contact center – difficult calls will come. As a manager, you are the employee’s first line of defense, offering the information and support the employee needs to handle each stressful situation. Since you know that into every call cue some difficult calls must fall, be prepared with a plan of defense to ready your team. With some.
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