Trends And Challenges For Call Centers In 2015

Every contact center manager worth his salt knows that you’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head. Marching hand-in-hand with supervising daily operations is the need to see where change is taking place. By keeping an eye peeled for the next wave in customer satisfaction you can meet events strategically. More Mobile As the number of customers using mobile.
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SMS & Contact Centers: A Perfect Match

Throughout the last year, there has been more and more talk of the where SMS might fit into the current contact center climate. Not only are there now quite a few cloud services that offer easy platforms on which to cultivate SMS-driven interactions, but also, these carriers are permitting inbound SMS to any toll-free number. Now that it is possible to utilize SMS more.
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Why the Retail Industry Should Consider Outsourcing Customer Support

A hot topic in the contact center industry has been whether the retail industry should outsource its customer support. Marked by customers with high standards, margin pressures, and seasonal spikes in demand, it is one of the biggest and most competitive markets. In such a tough climate, the differentiating factor between success and failure often rests in the capacity.
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FCC Adopts Tighter Accuracy For Emergency Calls

  Following a meeting held on January 29, The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) adopted a new set of regulations aimed at improving the location accuracy of 911 calls, especially for such calls originating indoors and above ground. The adoption of new regulatory measures comes after a year of intense lobbying from many groups from across the spectrum of.
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Constructing an Effective Incentive Program

It’s been repeatedly said, the employees who act as agents within a contact center are one of the most important factors in its functioning and success.  It’s also been said that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to prevent turnover and sustain their satisfaction, motivation, and engagement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a finding that the.
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Myths about Speech Analytics

There is much that gets said and circulated about Speech Analytics, and not all of it is accurate.  Even those who are very familiar with the technology can harbor misconceptions about the logistics and requirements.  Without the help of a professional service, it can often be a disorienting, or uphill, process.  Though we can’t quite walk you through all of it in.
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Best Practices when Hiring for a VOC Team

VOC, or Voice of the Customer, is an invaluable form of feedback for a contact center, and a major determining factor in the VOC is the customer’s first encounter with your customer service professionals (CSPs).  These customer service professionals are ambassadors of your company’s brand, and despite innovations in automation, they still play an important role in.
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