Nation’s 911 System Vulnerable

It’s a growing problem. The nation’s emergency communication system is highly vulnerable to attacks. 911 communications can be disrupted or spoofed with ease. Without financial reward, the volume of attacks against emergency communication is surprising. Motivations vary -- some do it for mischief, but it’s also used to disrupt businesses, and could conceivably be .
January 9th, 2015|Public Safety|0 Comments

FCC Will Discuss New 911 Location Rules

National Public Safety Groups And Wireless Carriers Forge Roadmap Agreement At the end of last year, the nation’s wireless carriers and public safety industry groups reached consensus concerning improvements in locating cellular 911 callers. The plan, which was the fruit of over 8 months of debate and discussion, exceeded earlier proposals made by the Federal.
January 7th, 2015|Public Safety|0 Comments

Location Accuracy Still A Problem For Wireless Callers

In critical situations, a few minutes can easily spell the difference between life and death. Any lag or gap in communications between callers and emergency response professionals imperils the slender thread that sustains swift response. Locating Indoor vs. Outdoor Emergency Calls From Wireless Devices Emergency telephony faces a major hurdle when the public makes 9-1-1 .
January 2nd, 2015|Public Safety|0 Comments
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